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About Southeast Kansas Inc.

Southeast Kansas, Inc. (SEK, Inc.)

Southeast Kansas, Inc. is a regional alliance of business leaders from a diverse economy. We represent manufacturing, retail, and service businesses along with county and city governments from 12 counties in Southeast Kansas.


What do 12 counties of business leaders all have in common?


We want to enhance the economic climate of our region. Since the 1950’s we have been working together to develop solutions for local and regional needs while retaining and growing value-added jobs in the region.


Our mission is simple---Mobilizing the leadership and resources for our regional development. We want to maintain and offer a wide diversity of jobs to future generations.

Our approach to regional cooperation


Manufacturers' Forum

The region’s diverse manufacturing base is key to our economy, supplying over one-third of our jobs. In March, 2003 the Manufacturers’ Forum (an independent association) merged with Southeast Kansas, Inc. to become "The Manufacturers’ Forum of SEK, Inc.” The merger heightens the awareness of the importance of manufacturing jobs, allows for a focused manufacturing legislative agenda, and provides monthly educational and networking sessions exclusively for the manufacturing industry. The power of our manufacturing industry and the organizational structure of Southeast Kansas, Inc. allow us to accomplish more --- TOGETHER!


There are simple and definite reasons why YOU should consider being a member of Southeast Kansas, Inc.


As the metropolitan communities in Kansas grow, so does their legislative power. We must act as one voice in order to compete and to be heard. SEK, Inc. represents the collective legislative voice of our region.

After the events of 9-11 there are more families exploring non-urban lifestyles. We are the only organization in Southeast Kansas which promotes a comprehensive package for our region. SEK, Inc. opens the door for potential new employers, employees, and families, allowing our individual communities to sell their hometown pride.

Central location, efficient transportation, and a productive, hard-working labor pool are the reasons for our diverse manufacturing base. SEK, Inc. is the voice for manufacturing.

Kansas’s transportation system was ranked 7th in the best roads program for 2001 by The Road Information Program (TRIP). Southeast Kansas, Inc. is committed to fighting for the completion of the current state transportation plan as well as all future regional transportation needs.


Legislative Voice - We represent the region on common legislative issues. We are your voice in Topeka. Together as one voice, our opinions are strong. Together we accomplish more!


Transportation– We are committed to the completion of the entire Kansas T-2000 Transportation program. We must fight for the transportation improvements needed in our region. Together our regional plan accomplishes more!


Workforce Development– Our region has the power to grow your business. Customized training and retraining programs are at our disposal with 6 community colleges and Pittsburg State University. SEK, Inc. fosters the coordination of training options. A well-trained workforce accomplishes more!


Economic Retention and Expansion– While our individual communities are eager to sell their hometowns, there is a coordinated effort to promote the region collectively. Working together brings more opportunities to the table.


Tourism– When it comes to history, natural beauty, and hospitality, Southeast Kansas is the real experience. At the forefront of coordinating all of the great community festivals and recreational activities is Southeast Kansas Tourism Region (SEKTR). Discover all there is to see and do via their pages on Acting as one "destination location” we accomplish more!

Put our years of experience to work for your company and your community

SEKINC.ORG  P.O. BOX 1262 | PITTSBURG KS 66762 | Tel 620-670-4859

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Welcome to Southeast Kansas, Inc.

Our mission is simple - mobilize leadership and resources for our regional development.  We want to maintain and offer a wide diversity of jobs to future generations.

We welcome our members as well as those of you who are researching the opportunities offered by living and working in the area we call "home" -Southeast Kansas.  Please explore the website and feel free to offer suggestions for additional information and services we can provide